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The ethereal scent of cherry blossoms on a cold, damp day just before winter turns to spring. Not sweet or floral, just a cool, elusive hint of the summer fruit that will come. Sakura captures the soft, humid, airy, earthy, and almost mineral-like scent of living cherry blossoms. Because the scent is meant to be light, it is offered in EdP concentration rather than parfum. Released 2014. Notes: Cherry blossom, airy notes, light musk.

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5 ml travel spray, 15 ml screw top, 30 ml spray, 100 ml spray, sample

2 reviews for Sakura

  1. Lea

    Wet, damp spring cherry blossom. Very visceral and impressive. I can’t imagine another being better

  2. Sharon Burke

    Wow this is so lovely! I received this as my spring gift and I am in love. This is creamy and deep. I love how resonant these perfumes are ❤️❤️❤️

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