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Based on the common themes that run throughout various ancient formulas for the Egyptian incense that was burned to welcome the night, this version of Kyphi is a 100% natural mix of resins, essential oils, and absolutes, a liquid version of the incense formula that can be worn as an uplifting and offbeat perfume and is especially well suited for meditation, yoga, or other activities that require concentration. 100% natural. Released 2011. Notes: frankincense, myrrh, benzoin, labdanum, beeswax, spikenard, henna, lemongrass, wild orange, calamus, cassia, cyperus, saffron, juniper berry, and spices.

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5 ml travel spray, 15 ml spray, 30 ml spray, 100 ml spray, sample

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  1. Zane Rankin (verified owner)

    Way back in 1922, when Howard Carter broke through the final barrier to be the first person to enter King Tutankhamun’s tomb in many centuries, this is the scent that assailed his nostrils …

    Ancient. Dry. Pungent. Holding secrets long lost to the sunlit world.

    It’s absolutely brilliant fragrance as art.

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