The holiday shipping rush has already started. If you need your order by a certain date, please send an e-mail with the date by which you need your item(s) and a valid reason for the urgency (leaving US address, time-sensitive gift). We work as fast as we can to process orders in the sequence received, assuming items are in stock. Very popular fragrances may sell out; in that case, there is a delay of a week or so while a new batch is prepared. Custom sets must be prepared at the time the order is received, so those may also be subject to a delay of a week or more.

Because of the ever-increasing problems with the USPS and other shippers, transit times are highly variable, ranging from 1-2 days to weeks regardless of shipping method (priority can take as long as first-class). For this reason, it is good to get time-sensitive orders in early to allow for processing and transit delays.

Best wishes to everyone for a happy holiday season!