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This fragrance celebrates the dry season and the warm, peaceful days of summer in the Pacific Northwest, when walking anywhere from a country road to a city greenspace brings the powerful scent of tawny dry grass, fir and cedar trees baking in the sun releasing their sharp, incense-like resins, and juicy ripe blackberries tempting us and the blackbirds with their jammy, musky sweetness. Inspired by nature, Ellen Covey’s Blackbird is weaves the notes of summer into a fine fragrance that is very wearable by anyone who enjoys the juxtaposition of dry ambery-woody notes with just a touch of juicy fruit. Blackbird was a finalist for the 2014 Art and Olfaction Awards. Released 2013. Notes: Himalayan blackberry fruit, dry grass and leaves, elemi, cedar wood and resin, woody-amber accord, fir balsam absolute, musk.

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5 ml travel spray, 15 ml screw-top, 30 ml spray, 100 ml spray, sample

3 reviews for Blackbird

  1. Olena Khudyakova

    Получила наконец-то пробник аромата. Явно прослеживается ежевика в лесу. Яркий, красивый необычный аромат. Спасибо!

  2. Sibyl Haynes (verified owner)

    I’ve only tried a sample but I loved it immediately. I’m from the Pacific Northwest so the blackberry smell is heartwarming for me but then there’s an edge! There are pine/fir notes an d something strange but interesting. Not sweet. Like fine wine somehow. I want it!

  3. Nori Fahrig (verified owner)

    I grew up in Tacoma, WA . This scent reminds me of all the wild blackberry bushes that we would pick as children. There’s a different smell in the air where the blackberry bushes grow once the fruit is ripe. It’s particular to the NW. I lived in Boston for 20+ years and encountered a few wild blackberry patches when hiking but the do not smell the same its very different. This artist has captured the uniqueness of the the PNW in all their scents. This one happens to be my favorite. It does have a slightly boozy smell but in a good way -not alcohol but the mutations of a fermented wine.

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