Mardi Gras

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Every year in late winter New Orleans puts on a grand party like no other. It’s a rainbow-hued, glittering, skanky, riotous, celebration of everything there is to celebrate, flowing in and out like a shiny snake amidst the flower-strewn, humidity-drenched, decaying streets of the French Quarter. Mardi Gras may present a polite, rich veneer of real orange blossom and vanilla, like a southern belle delicately munching on a beignet dusted with powdered sugar, but behind the pretty, festive costume are dark undercurrents of voodoo and hoodoo, midnight rituals and outrageous secrets that can only be unleashed under the protective camouflage of the innocent-looking mask. Released 2015. Notes: Orange blossom, neroli, cistus, benzoin, vanilla, civet, special musk blend.

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3 reviews for Mardi Gras

  1. sharonilson (verified owner)

    This was my choice for my first full size Olympic Orchids perfume, and I am so happy with it. New Orleans is my favorite US city, it’s where we went in our honeymoon ❤️. This to me smells like night blooming white flowers and something sugary, but that could just be me as I tend to turn things sweet. After a few hours I get something rich and almost amber, a sort of sweet Smokey resin. Thank you so much for this lovely blend, I can see myself wearing this all spring and summer. There is something so special and beautiful about these perfumes. They are completely unique so I recommend sampling, that’s how I am finding all of my loves.

  2. Teresa Sa (verified owner)

    I’ve bought my first bottle of Mardi Gras a year or so ago from one of Olympic Orchids retailers in Europe and I became utterly enamoured with this scent. I’ve given a little decant, among other perfume decants, to a close friend and the texted me a couple of days later saying that she wanted to buy one for herself as she became infatuated with this potion as well. Recently the same friend of mine had an art show and I decided to wear Mardi Gras, Crazily 2 or 3 people were asking me what I was wearing and got more attention than my friend running the show. I guess there might be some magic in this potion. Exquisite, stunning perfume!!

  3. dbczenglish (verified owner)

    This fragrance is extremely well-blended. It’s a rich and seductive fragrance, but I don’t think it’s too animalic. It is filled with joie de vivre, a great fragrance to wear for a celebration. Yet it is also the perfect fragrance to wear to just celebrate a random Tuesday. I don’t know if I will ever make it to Mardi Gras in New Orleans. That’s OK. I have this gorgeous perfume to help me dream and imagine the joy of Carnival. Also, the packaging is absolutely beautiful, including the way the perfume was wrapped for delivery.

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