About us

Olympic Orchids Perfumes is the natural outgrowth of Olympic Orchids, Inc, which was originally established by Dr. Ellen Covey in 2006 as an orchid plant nursery. The perfume business was established in 2010 and since then has become internationally known and the winner of multiple awards including the prestigious Institute for Art and Olfaction awards. All fragrances are designed, formulated, hand-manufactured, bottled, and packaged in-house.

Our goal is to bring you the most original, superb quality, beautiful, and evocative fragrances at prices that are affordable by the average consumer. Our motto is, “extraordinary perfumes for extraordinary people”. As our business expands, we strive to maintain a personal touch.

All Olympic Orchids fragrances are handcrafted from pure essential oils, absolutes, extracts, high-end synthetic fragrance molecules, tinctures of natural materials, or some combination thereof in a carrier of perfumer’s alcohol. All are parfum (extrait) concentration, varying from 20-30% fragrance concentrate to optimize performance, so they have excellent longevity. When natural oakmoss is used it is the IFRA-compliant low-atranol type. To the best of our knowledge, Olympic Orchids fragrances never contain phthalates, artificial colors, or artificial preservatives, and they are not tested on animals. With the exception of a few that contain natural ambergris or Africa stone, they would be considered vegan. Some fragrances in this line are 100% free of synthetic musks. Some are 100% natural. For anyone with allergies or other sensitivities, information on specific ingredients is available on request.