The latest on shipping

We are currently trying to dig out from under the avalanche of orders that arrived during the last few days of the July sale, far more than anticipated. By the end of the sale some stock was running out and more had to be made. This has caused delays in processing orders. I apologize if your order has still not shipped. It will, and when it does you will receive a completion notice and an e-mail with a tracking number.

International shipping continues to be spotty at best, with delivery occurring somewhat normally in a few countries, but with unacceptable delays in others. If you are an international customer using a forwarding service, please make sure that they are 100% trustworthy. We cannot be responsible for anything beyond delivery to the forwarder’s US address.

Shipping in the US is proceeding somewhat normally, although transit times can be unusually long. If you have orders pending, please be patient during this strange time.