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In May of 2018, the East Rift Zone of Kilauea volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii began a major eruption that lasted for months. It started in a quiet residential neighborhood when a little bit of hot lava tentatively oozed up from cracks in the road, but it rapidly escalated when a string of major fissures opened up, some turning into lava fountains that projected molten lava more than 50 meters into the air and created a glowing lava river that ran all the way into the ocean, destroying houses and farms, jungles, beaches, and tide pools, all the while creating new land. The process of destruction and creation happened against a backdrop of lush tropical vegetation, blooming with lightly-scented flowers of pikake, plumeria, and yellow ginger. The vog was so thick that you could smell it all the way on the other side of the island. This scent mixes the smell of smoke, lava, live flowers, green and burning vegetation, and the unpredictable earth that gives rise to it all.  After the eruption is over and the lava has dried and crumbled, there will sooner or later be the sweet, resinous scent of the seeds that will sprout and bring life back to the black desert. Notes: Plumeria, pikake, ginger lily, mimosa, bergamot, sandalwood, myrrh, vanilla, styrax,  benzoin, lava accord.

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4 reviews for Kilauea

  1. Sinda

    This is my first time trying Olympic Orchids and this perfume was not what I was expecting at at all. I was expecting a very floral scent but it is not. It smells more woody and resiny than anything else. I smell the sandalwood and myrrh, maybe a little styrax and benzoin but not the florals at all.

  2. ghelms (verified owner)

    Hawaii has its own unique fragrance. Kilauea captures it very nicely; the seductive scent of warm gardenia when you walk out of the airport, the earthy scent of the red dirt during a summer shower, the crushed-ivy-like scent of the Hawaiian jungle on a freshly hiked path. Lurking under it all is a hint of boozy musk. I REALLY love the mix of scents here; adding this to my regular rotation!

  3. barbara (verified owner)

    Es riecht verbrannt, unkontrolliertes Feuer breitet sich aus.
    Harziger Rauch zieht in dicken Schwaden vorbei.
    Mir stockt fast der Atem.
    Zu viel. Zu intensiv. Zu nah.
    Bedrängend, verstörend.
    Ich suche Halt.
    Dann weg!
    Ich laufe und laufe.
    Die klebrige Straße herunter.
    Verfolgt von dem Rauchigen Harz.
    Wie ein Lavastrom zieht er hinter mir her.
    Ich bleibe stehen und drehe mich um … nichts.
    Was war das? Ein böser Traum?
    Der rauchige Nebel lichtet sich unverhofft.
    Und gibt den Blick frei auf ein weites Feld voll weicher Vanille-Sandelholz-Blüten.

    Dr.Ellen Covey erzählt mit diesem Duft die Geschichte von den Zerstörungen durch den Vulkanausbruch auf Hawaii und wie auf der schwarzen Lavawüste neues Leben entsteht. Kein Wunder, dass mich der Duft zu Beginn heftig gepackt und verstört hat. Ich empfinde ihn aufwühlend und grenzwertig. Mit dem unverhofften Wandel nach einer guten Stunde, bietet er Versöhnung an und gibt der Seele Ruhe und Frieden zurück.
    Kilauea ist für mich ein sehr interessantes Dufterlebnis!

  4. david.s.guettner (verified owner)

    As if open-pored lava rock had been generously covered with delicious flower puree. Steam out of a vanilla-benzoin-sandelwood geyser, an open and wide, rugged countryside.

    Kilauea creates a special mood for me and admittedly, it takes time to get used to it. It is not a crowpleaser, it maybe confuses untrained noses at first. But if you’re looking for that kind of scent, you’re in the wrong place anyway. Those who love and appreciate sophisticated fragrances as much as I do will enjoy this one. Kilauea is a work of art, another of Ellen’s great creations that can’t be found anywhere else.

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