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The deluxe boxed variety set contains 14-16 generous 2-ml samples in easy-to-open-and-close mini screw-top bottles. There are now two editions, Volume One and Volume 2. Volume One includes the “classics”: Ballets Rouges, Bay Rum, Carolina, Elektra, Golden Cattleya, Gujarat, Javanica, Kingston Ferry, Kyphi, Little Stars, Olympic Amber, Olympic Rainforest, Osafume, Red Cattleya, and Siam Proun, Volume 2 includes the newer fragrances: African Orchid, Blackbird, Café V, California Chocolate, Chevalier Vert, Hamsa,  Mardi Gras, Sakura, Salamanca, Seattle Chocolate,  Sonnet XVII, White Cattleya, Woodcut, and one new yet-to be released fragrance. All are in parfum concentration. Priced at only $48, this is the most cost-effective way to try a wide range of fragrances in quantities that allow for ample sampling. This set makes a perfect introduction to the line or a luxurious gift. Shipping is free.

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