Dev #3: The Inevitable

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This muted, dark, melancholy fragrance is made using 100% natural materials. It represents the stage at which all secrets have been revealed, after the inevitable destruction of people, things, and relationships has occurred, when the two lovers recognize that they have to part ways forever. It is a meditative scent of loneliness and resignation to fate, but one that promotes meditation and strange dreams. Released 2012. Notes: New Caledonian sandalwood absolute, dark labdanum, clear labdanum, red spikenard, ancient fossilized amber, ambergris tincture, black truffle tincture (the fungus, not the chocolate), cistus oil, cassie absolute, frankincense, davana, African bluegrass, myrrh tincture, motia attar, and cinnamon leaf.

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5 ml travel spray, 15 ml spray, 30 ml spray, 100 ml spray, sample

1 review for Dev #3: The Inevitable

  1. Moss (verified owner)

    This! The spikenard comes on like a brilliant blue train of carnations with coal underneath and then sweeps you into the garden, digging into the fresh dirt and surrounded by the warm afternoon breeze with no one else around for miles and miles. It lulls one into a blissful drowse and transports into comforting rooty dreams.

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