When I was a kid living in Italy, we didn’t have a TV, so the neighbors would always invite us to come watch evening TV shows at their place. The entertaining advertising segment that came on regularly was called Carosello. While everyone was intent on watching TV, the family would drink lots of cheap white Moscato wine. This tradition created an indelible association between white wine, carousels, and old Italian TV shows. The carousel can also symbolize  the cycle of life, with each year slipping by more quickly than the previous one. It seems society in general has also reached that point, where there are so many distractions and frustrations that we all need to sit down with a nice glass of Moscato, forget about life, and let the spiral of events take us where it will. Notes: Moscato wine, nutmeg, geranium, floral and green notes, benzoin, clearwood.

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1 ml sample, 5 ml travel spray parfum, 15 ml screw top parfum, 30 ml spray parfum, 100 ml spray parfum


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