There are now so many spam comments on here that I have to go through every day and delete them. This is incredibly annoying. The last time I did it, I think I mistakenly did a general delete instead of a spam delete, and all of the lovely reviews got trashed along with the garbage. I’m really, really sorry!

If you are a human spammer, please leave this website alone. If it’s just bots, I suppose there’s not much I can do except keep on deleting.

2/13/18: Update: I just added a “review” plug-in. I hope that will enable customers to leave reviews through a platform other than comments. Then I can just automatically delete all of the bots’ comments, which just keep coming.

Welcome to the new Olympic Orchids Perfume Boutique!

A new look for the original Olympic Orchids Boutique is long overdue. I hope that the new format will be more attractive and user-friendly than the old one. I have added new, standardized images of all of our products, made the page display more user-friendly and mobile-device-friendly, standardized sizes and pricing, and simplified shipping options including free US shipping for packages weighing less than 1 pound.  I have also made the site more secure with SSL.

As this new site goes live, I expect that there will be some bugs, so I will have a special offer for the first 10 people who place an order on the new website.  Whenever you visit this site, please let me know of any errors, any difficulties you may be having, or suggestions for improvement. I want browsing and shopping here to be an enjoyable experience for you!