FINAL SALE BEFORE IT IS COMPLETELY DISCONTINUED. Made as part of a limited edition series of 3 complementary fragrances for the group Peace-Love-Perfume, Peace represents the base, the serious oldest child, with emphasis on incense, vetiver, benzoin, patchouli, and other calming notes. It’s not a heavy, head-shop mix, and it’s not oud, in case anyone was afraid of that. Instead, it’s a thin wisp of incense smoke scented with transparent patchouli and a bit of real sandalwood. It’s light, something to quietly meditate on. Released 2014, discontinued 2015. Not stocked and available only as a special preparation, please allow extra time for filling your order.  Notes: Frankincense, cedar, New Caledonian sandalwood, vetiver, double-distilled patchouli, benzoin, vanilla, tarragon, Oregon lavender.

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1 ml sample parfum, 5 ml travel spray parfum, 30 ml spray parfum


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