Now that the holiday rush is over, we are catching up on shipping and replenishing depleted stock. We have had snow and very cold weather since Christmas, and there is still snow and ice on the local roads and our driveway. More snow is predicted for tomorrow. This makes it hard to get to the post office, so even though processing of orders is relatively quick now, there may be a delay in shipping. Transit times are unpredictable regardless of shipping method and regardless of carrier, so please be patient. The USPS is doing the best they can.

If you are going to be in the US for a short time or traveling out of the country and want to order items to take with you when you leave, I suggest that you allow plenty of lead time for processing and delivery, at least 2-3 weeks. It is always helpful if you can send an e-mail letting us know the date by which you need delivery.

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