I know I get fed up with seeing promotional e-mails in my various inboxes this time of year and having to delete them all after taking a quick scan to see if there’s anything that’s not just repetition of the same discount that is offered continuously the rest of the year. It starts before Thanksgiving, with “pre Black Friday”, then Black Friday itself, then Small Business Saturday, then – whatever that Sunday is, then Cyber Monday, then Giving Tuesday. Pretty soon it will be Wild Wednesday, and Thrifty Thursday, with each named day an excuse to send out yet another spam communication.

I’m guilty of occasionally sending out a promotional newsletter, too, but try not to send out redundant spam. We have two sales a year, summer and winter, and it’s time for the winter “holiday” sale.   I announced it in a single newsletter, which may have gotten lost in the avalanche of junk mail, but am running it through December 26 to give everyone who wants to a chance to use it. There’s no rush, no pushing,  no losing out because the code was only valid for one day. If your order is $15 or more, just enter the code at checkout. Best wishes to all for a good winter holiday season.